Ben Mertens Shoot Out_1.jpg

First name: Ben

Last name: Mertens

Country: Belgium

City: Westrem

Date Of Birth: 13-10-2004

Club: Sint-Martinus Gent

Trainer: Gery De Mol

Highest break training: 147

Highest break tournament: 135

It all started with a visit to the fun fair on the village in Massemen. Ben was allowed to pick a price from the bottom row after duckling.

There was a tiny plastic snooker table. Without hesitation, he pointed to it and asked if he could have it.

At home he  constantly played on that mini table. A week or two later, Ben asked if he could play snooker on a big table. At first we were a bit reluctant, but after a long urging, his mom and dad started looking for some info on the internet. We could hardly find any information about snooker for youth. Via the website of the Flemish snooker association, the dad sent the first email address with the request to get some info about youth snooker.

Soon we received a reply and a proposal to go to an initiation session in Ghent.

When we arrived in Ghent we met trainer Gery De Mol. Very strange, but from the first moment there was a click between Ben and Gery. Ben had really liked that first lesson and soon Gery made an appointment for a second lesson.

Now we are a few years later, Ben and Gery still work together. Ben is now 2x Belgian champion and 1x World Champion...